Mediated Pasts Conference

Conference programme is available here: Mediated Pasts programme

The Cinema and Television History (CATH) Research Centre presents:



A postgraduate conference organised in association with BAFTSS

Wednesday June 4th 2014

Clephan Building, De Montfort University

9:15     REGISTRATION (Third floor lobby)

9:50     WELCOME & INTRODUCTION (Room 3.03, Jilly Boyce Kay and Caitlin Shaw)

10:00   KEYNOTE ADDRESS (Room 3.03, Chair: Cat Mahoney)

  • Dr Amy Holdsworth (Lecturer in Film and Television Studies, University of Glasgow) – Television iterations: Comedy, autobiography and memory

11:00   PANEL 1: Material media, the archive and historical narrativity (Room 3.03, Chair: Charley Meakin)

  • Vanessa Longden (University of Lancaster) – Miss. Recognition: Locating the illusory self in Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills
  • Henry K. Miller (Anglia Ruskin/ University of Cambridge) – A Film Record of the 1930s
  • Claire Sedgwick (De Montfort University) – Feminist magazines and feminist histories: Are they on the same page?

PANEL 2: Recounting and reframing histories in non-fiction television (Room 3.01, Chair: Cat Mahoney)

  • Rowan Aust (Birkbeck, University of London) – The presentation of the First World War: History, crisis and recovery at the BBC
  • Jilly Boyce Kay (De Montfort University) – Disturbing collusions? Feminism and neoliberalism in histories of the television talk show
  • Maria Lusitano (University of Westminster) – Being an aesthetic journalist: The imaginary combinations of ‘The War Correspondent’

12:30   LUNCH (Room 3.02)

13:30   PANEL 3: Memories of twentieth-century conflict and historical screen drama (Room 3.03, Chair: Caitlin Shaw)

  • Cat Mahoney (De Montfort University) – Telling histories and reconstructing the past: The Women’s Land Army remembered in film and television
  • Natthanai Prasannam (University of St Andrews) – A missing piece of memory: Boys Will Be Boys, Boys Will Be Men (2000) and its mnemonic network
  • Jing Meng (University of Nottingham) – Remembering the Cultural Revolution: Negotiation between collective and individual memories

PANEL 4: (De)mythologising national eras, icons and figures in popular visual cultures (Room 3.01, Chair: Jilly Boyce Kay)

  • Debarchana Baruah (University of Heidelberg) – The retro effect in Mad Men
  • Claire Markham (University of Lincoln) – Bitter-sweet representations: Media representations of cultural icons and their impact on collective memory of those icons
  • Omar Adam Sayfo (Utrecht University/ University of Cambridge) – The evolution of the Saladin myth in Arab popular culture

15:00   COFFEE (Room 3.02)

15:30   PANEL 5: Recycled media, DIY and ‘retromania’ in the digital age (Room 3.03, Chair: Claire Sedgwick)

  • Marta Wasik (University of Warwick) – To hold on or to let go? Engaging with analog nostalgia in the digital age
  • Charley Meakin (De Montfort University) – ‘It’s a cool game to be sure, but watching someone else play it gets old after a while’: Targeting adolescents in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
  • Caitlin Shaw (De Montfort University) – ‘The same handful of images’: Referentiality and recent pastness in Submarine (2010)

17:00   BREAK

17:15   PLENARY DISCUSSION: Researching visual cultures and collective memory: Methodologies and approaches (Room 3.03, Chair: Hazel Collie)

  • Dr Vicky Ball (De Montfort University), Dr Amy Holdsworth (University of Glasgow), Dr Claire Monk (De Montfort University) and Dr James Russell (De Montfort University)


19:00   CONFERENCE DINNER: The Parcel Yard, 48A London Road, LE2 0QB (adjacent to the train station). Drinks from 6:30pm.


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